Three invaluable tools to help grow your community

The world of web3 is rapidly growing and becoming increasingly popular, with artists, musicians, and other creators using the technology to monetize their work. Building a strong community is essential for success if you’re launching or running a web3 project. However, growing a community can be a daunting task. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of three tools that can help you grow your community.

ZooTools Panda

ZooTools Panda helps you collect leads and build your audience organically. They provide three main use cases to help you acquire and engage users. Each use case allows you to create a unique form and add the fields you want to collect data from your users. You can also add different types of fields to your forms to capture additional information.

y00ts used a similar approach for their scholarship program, which was wildly successful.

1. Pre-launch waitlists

Creating a pre-launch waitlist allows you to reward your most loyal users when completing actions like sharing their email, joining a Discord server, connecting a wallet address, and referring their friends.

2. NFT allowlists

NFT allowlists are simpler forms that allow you to collect wallet addresses easily.

3. Newsletters

Newletter signup forms are the most basic and allow you to collect a name and email.

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If your project has already launched, then ShareMint will help you reward your most loyal supporters for each member they refer. They provide everything you need to run your referral or affiliate program with one-click payouts, on-chain analytics, and transparent reporting.

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Once you’ve managed to gain a significant amount of users, then you need a way to manage them. This is where frens shines. frens is a web3-native CRM + member acquisition + collaboration + engagement and so much more. It will allow you to build a more engaged community and gain insight into your most valuable members.

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