69% users bet metaverse entertainment will reshape social lifestyle

A survey conducted by CoinWire in December 2022 revealed that a majority of investors in the crypto space believe the metaverse will have a significant impact on various aspects of social life.

69% of respondents believe the metaverse will reshape entertainment, 65% believe it will change social activities, and 61.2%, 49.6%, and 45% respectively believe it will affect finances, business and education. The survey also highlighted that Microsoft has secured the most metaverse-related patents, with 158, surpassing other big tech companies such as Meta, Tencent, and Epic Games.

Furthermore, it was noted that 53% of metaverse investors own some form of cryptocurrency. The survey also revealed that the United States leads in metaverse innovation, while China and India have the highest positive sentiment towards daily metaverse use at 78% and 75% respectively.

However, despite the potential for the metaverse, the survey found that 52% of respondents were uncertain about what Web3 entails, and over 60% called for more regulations in the industry.