Militereum’s powerful Web3 firewall, available for both Windows and MacOS, blocks suspicious transactions. You can use it with every EVM-compatible wallet, including browser-based and desktop wallets. It has native support for Ethereum and many other chains, including Polygon and Arbitrum and Optimism.

Chaos Labs

Chaos Labs aims to provide the infrastructure for DeFi (decentralized finance)platforms to build apps and services that provide analytical data around trading protocols across chains.Developers can create agents that consistently check the status of endpoints ofinterest, like cross-protocol Lending Positions.A catalog of open-source agents is available for reconfiguration based onintended use cases.

Stelo Labs

Founded in 2022, Stelo addresses the security that is necessary for wallet development and usage. Stelo is not a wallet, but it can be integrated into wallets to enhance security. Stelo gives risk assessment so its users can know the implication of whatever transactions they want to do on the platforms they are dealing with.


Through its robust in-built machine learning algorithm, Blowfish can detect fraudulent possibilities when the wallet of its users is interacting with fishyplatforms.Developers can use Blowfish to protect their end users from being victims ofhacks. It is available on 3 blockchains – Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana.

Pocket Universe

You get peace of mind on every transaction. We warn you if you’re interacting with a malicious transaction that’s trying to steal your assets. We detect pretty much all phishing scams from approval for all scams, malicious seaport transactions, honeypot NFTs, and counterfeit Tokens


Kevlar is a client-side running RPC that places a layer of verification between an RPC-based wallet and every other transaction call with access to make requests to said wallet. Your wallet becomes trustless. Users with Kevlar installed and attached to their wallets go through block header verification as a net to catch all malicious transactions.