Web3 Modal

Web3 Modal is a library that was created in affiliation to Wallet Connect.  It is an open-source Web3 library for managing wallet connections.It has a fluid interface for an average user to easily navigate through andconnect their wallets with any external application or Web3-native websites.Unlike some other Web3 frontend libraries, Web3 Modal does not limit developersonly to React. They can also use Vue, Angular, and Vanilla.


ConnectKit was created as a subsidiary of Family, a crypto wallet, in 2022, andthe tool is set to reshape the landscape of Web3 wallet user experience.Users can leverage ConnectKit to connect to multiple apps on different chains if ConnectKit supports the wallet they are using.Frontend developers can import and use the React library of ConnectKit to connect it to the DApp they are building.


Pedro Gomes founded WalletConnect in the year 2018, and since then, it has been one of the leading wallet infrastructures in Web3.Even if a DApp does not directly support a particular wallet, the user can login through the Wallet Connect option.Wallet Connect also simplifies Web3 frontend and wallet compatibilitydevelopment on the part of the developers.So far, more than 170 wallets and 450 DApps have been integrated withWalletConnect.

Wallet Onboard

Designed as one of the products of the Plaid company, Wallet Onboard is an integration tool to access up to 300 different brands of wallets in Web3.By tapping into the Wallet Onboard SDK, developers can integrate Wallet Onboard into their DApps within a short span of time. Developers do not need to worry about the updating of wallet libraries as Wallet Onboard takes care of that.