Fjord Foundry

Fjord Foundry is a platform that enables Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs). LBPs are used to generate liquidity and distribute digital tokens using a fair, open and transparent price discovery mechanism without the negative impact of whales and sniper bots.


Carapace is a decentralized social recovery protocol that provides a backup plan if private keys are lost. The protocol builds an abstraction between users and smart contract programming, allowing the user to shape a specific use case with a combination of rules, which can be applied to backup wallets, inheritance, DAOs, etc. Carapace is a blockchain native solution, designed for web3 users to protect their assets forever, with a simple step UI, backed by a hard-shell security mechanism.

Token Unlocks

Token Unlocks was established in 2022 by @DaoSurv to provide more transparency into tokens through an actively updating dashboard.Users can request observation and the addition of a token to track its progress.Token Unlocks offers technical analysis of crypto assets, tokens, NFTs, Games,DAOs, and DeFi platforms.


Magna is a fast and compliant token distribution platform, allowing for airdrops, streams, unlocks and payments. For users, Magna offers custom vesting schedules and branded claim protocol, which is an intuitive claim portal in a user’s project’s branding where stakeholders can support the project and claim their unlocked tokens. Developers can use Magna’s smart contracts. It also offers multi-signature support, employee & investor dashboards and tax withholding & compliance.