Orvylle is an NFT token gating platform which you use for photos, videos and any downloadable file on your own website. Creators can use it to reward collectors with behind the scenes content, pre-releases, etc to reward their community.


GateRepo is a development tool for NFTs, first committed by Anish Agnihotri on5th April 2022. It enables NFT developers to limit access to their private GitHub repositories through token gating. Using GateRepo, developers can ensure that only wallets holding a specific type and number of ERC20 tokens can access their repositories. The feature allows NFT developers to provide pre-launch access, which can be used for marketing and fixing bugs before launch.


Novel is an all-in-one NFT tool that helps its NFT holders build no-code eCommerce stores, founded in October 2021 by Anna Merzi, Brian Sugar, Roger Beaman. With Novel, users can create token-gated stores, create an NFT collection within minutes, sell NFTs on Shopify, and offer token-gated benefits to customers. Developers can use Novel’s API to bring token-gating features to their applications with a single line of code.


Grapes is essentially a community booster, manager, and content creator. They Offer marketing and branding services, development, and insights into how to setup DAOs. Their services are broken down into two packages, New NFT Project and New DefiProject. Their Defi project package offers event planning and Discord moderation services, while their NFT project package offers mint analysis, art/story/trait consulting, and more.


Solaland offers several products to streamline the process of managing an NFTcommunity. They offer a verification bot that allows NFT communities to provide exclusive access and privileges to users based on their wallet holdings. They also offer a sales bot, which broadcasts the sales performance of an NFT to the community. Solaland also offers a listing bot, which tracks NFT transactions on secondary markets. Finally, they offer an airdrop community that allows creators to airdrop NFTs.


Matrica offers features to both users and communities. Through Matrica, users can get auto-verification on over 1500 Discord servers, add multiple hardware and software wallets, detect staked and listed NFTs, and vote on on-chain proposals using NFTs. For communities and NFT creators, Matrica allows creators to see their entire collection, including current marketplace listings, and NFT statuses, and help them work more easily on Discord, offering hierarchies, bot notifications, and more.


Collab Land is a standardized bot for community management and engagement. The bot can be added to either Telegram or Discord communities. The most unique feature of the Collab Land is that it tracks and only gives membership access to those who hold your token, automatically kicking out anyone who sells them.