Arbitrum Goerli

Officially the Nitro Goerli Rollup Testnet (421613), is now the primary, stableArbitrum testnet moving forward. As of late 2022, developers and validator node runners can now use Infura,QuickNode, and Alchemy,  to interact with Arbitrum One, which is in main beta, including the admin controls.

Solana Devnet

Solana Devnet is made from a recognized set of validators that host the ledger and infrastructure to run test transactions.Developers can use the SOL faucet service to fund their Phantom wallets and pay for gas when interacting with smart contracts deployed on the testnet.Devnet features the latest features or the stable mainnet but uses fake SOL fortransactions.


Sepolia is a stable Ethereum testnet that merged from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake along with the Ethereum mainnet and serves developers with the infrastructure to deploy and test Solidity smart contracts.Sepolia has a faucet service to ensure developers only use Sepolia ETH for gas when staging DApps on the testnet.


Rinkeby is a staging blockchain for Ethereum DApp and smart contract developers to test and optimize their smart contracts before going live in Eth-main.The Rinkeby dashboard features a faucet to dispense test ETH tokens for pseudo transactions, and a block explorer to facilitate analysis when creating Solidity smart contracts and executing transactions.


Goerli was the first Ethereum test net, is cross-client, and features all the mainnet features in a safe environment for development and testing. Developers making Ethereum-destined DApps first deploy to the Goerli testnet for no gas fees to make sure their use cases are well-met before deploying to for immutability.

Optimism Goerli

Optimism Goerli is the blockchain’s public testnet that lets developers test their deployed smart contracts with Optimism Goerli ETH. Developers can leverage Alchemy APIs and webhooks to start developing and testing smart contracts on the Optimism Goerli testnet without expending actual ETH on gas fees.


The Mumbai testnet is a proving ground for EVM DApps with a flavor of the Polygon main blockchain. The Polygon platform provides developer resources including a starter kit, smart contract templates, and tutorials for beginners to build on top of. Polygon also hosts events open to all Web3 enthusiasts to learn and network with the community.