Built by Foundry, with Axum – the next-generation library for building web applications in Rust, this modular local node for EVM set out to change smart contract development experiences.Developers can create smart contracts for any EVM-compatible blockchain andenjoy arguably the fastest benchmarked deployment and performance speeds.

ETH Lift

Eth Lift covers tasks few other CLIs tools/suites can, these are diff and flatten(to do).Developers can run queries to obtain a diff for a file not yet registered (localeven) compared to one on a mainnet. Developers using Brownie and Foundry can achieve the above with ease, Hardhat ison the TODO list.

Eth Tester

Ethereum Foundation-built, a comprehensive library of testing tools, functions,and standards that run against any smart contract built for the Ethereum Blockchain.Developers can call the test functions through a single line of command, or add a package to execute the full suite of tests as part of their pipelines.

Solc Verify

Solc Verify is the extended alternative to the mainstream Solidity code compiler, it carries out formal verification of code along with compilation.Developers can verify the functional correctness of their smart contracts. Atask that would need extra packages/toolchains if done with the normal compiler.The project has been forked +5k times!


Synpress helps you write e2e tests for Dapps. It is a complete e2e testing framework built on top of Cypress ( A Frontend e2e testing tool) and playwrightwith support for metamask.As a wrapper around Cypress, Synpress provides support for enabling browserplugins such as metamask, allowing developers to test metamask login,authentication with Dapps, and its interaction with smart contracts.On top of that, Synpress allows you to add your own custom commands and pluginsfor writing stable and powerful tests.By leveraging all features of Cypress and Playwright, Synpress provides an easyway to use and access metamask straight from your e2e tests.