Built by Loi Luu and his team at the National University of Singapore, Oyente isa symbolic analysis tool to catch security vulnerabilities in Ethereum contracts and EVM bytecode. Developers can use Oyente to evaluate local and remote contracts and verify assertions for those contracts.   The full installation is dependent on packages such as Web3.js, Z3 Theorem Prover. One of the oldest contract analyzers around projects like Quantstamp and Augurhave used Oyenete since their inception.


Developed as a part of the MythX security analysis suite by Consensys, Mythril is the dynamic smart contract security analysis component of this toolset. Mythril uses symbolic execution, SMT solving, and taint analysis to detect security vulnerabilities with contracts on any EVM-compatible chain. Notably, if Mythril is used with its parent suite MythX, devs are provided a variety of IDE plugins, instructional documentation, and command line tools.


Released in 2017 by TrailOfBits, Manticore provides a symbolic execution tool for the analysis of Ethereum smart contracts, Linux ELF binaries, and WASM modules. Manticore automatically generates new inputs based on a state, detects crashes and failure cases, and explores the states a program can reach.  Using instruction hooks and callbacks, devs are given precise control of state exploration. Shipped with a wiki, examples, and an API-reference guide, Manticore provides devs the resources necessary to make full-use and custom-use of its interface.