Socios, founded by Alexandre Dreyfus, is a decentralized platform that helps sports brands build their fandom with NFTs and DeFi tokens. With its NFTmarketplace, sports clubs can simply list their NFTs and sell them to theirfans. On the DeFi side, they create and deploy fan tokens on behalf of sport clubs.Socios has partnered with LaLiga,  Serie A, and Champions League.


Founded by Nick Rose Ntertsas and a couple of visionary builders, Ethernity is an NFT marketplace where sports fans get to see and possibly purchase theauthenticated NFTs of their favorite sports celebrities.Some of the NFTs might include trading cards, short clips, or other rarecollectibles, which the fans can buy directly or in auction sales.

Mercury is a touchpoint for various athletes and sports celebrities to meet their fans through digital collectibles.Beyond NFTs, Mercury maintained a structure of enhancing familiarity between theathletes and the fans.Mercury has struck partnerships with Kentucky Athletics, UCF Athletics, andKansas Athletics.


National competitions are an integral aspect of football. Bitci is a platform that helps national teams build and deploy their tokens.Beyond that, Bitci is a crypto trading platform where these national tokens can be sold and traded.The national teams of Turkey, Brazil, and Spain have their fan tokens on Bitci

NFL All Day

Founded by Dapper Labs, NFL All Day is a public marketplace for collecting NFT video collectibles. This is a dream come true for die-hard fans. It also has a secure trading feature for trading collectibles.Often described as the future of collecting, NFL All Day is a pioneering platform in the sports world.


Chiliz is one of the foremost players in the sport NFT world. It is the underlying blockchain for, a renowned platform for sports NFTglobally.The platform’s efforts have been quite incredible regarding the merging of fanswith their top sportsmen and sportswomen.Chiliz has partnered with Barcelona, Liverpool, and several other prominent football clubs.

NBA TopShot

NBA Topshot is a popular NFT marketplace for the basketball world. It is the only basketball NFT marketplace selling officially licensed products of the National Basketball Association.The marketplace often displays short clips of historical or iconic moments in basketball and has listed the iconic moments of many famous basketball players,including LeBron James.


Sorare is an esports NFT platform with diverse games such as MLB, NBA, andfootball. The players can see and purchase sports characters to play the game.Sorare also encourages the collection and trading of digital cards. In addition, card collectors can earn points if the players are winning in real-time matches.


Founded by the renowned Tom Brady, Autograph is a blue-chip sport NFT marketplace that partners with legendary sportsmen and sportswomen to sell on-chain collectibles. Some of these include Usain Bolt, Tiger Woods, and Simone Biles. The Los Angeles-based company has made it easier to receive autographs from your favorite athletes in form of exclusive NFTs.

DraftKings Marketplace

Before the advent of NFTs, DraftKings was a betting platform for fantasy sports players. Recently, it added an NFT marketplace to its offerings. Fantasy sports are a popular aspect of both football and video games. Draftkings makes it possible to buy NFTs that celebrate famous sports icons and add a new experience to fantasy sports.