Zenland is the first no-code smart contract platform where anyone buying or selling products/services can be sure the deal is safe. This is done through a smart contract, a simple programmable agreement between two parties.


Xcockpit is a dapp that provides an interface similar to Etherscan to interact with any contract, verified or not, in any EVM-based chain, including your own local chain. It also provides a tool to list and cancel your pending transactions in one click.


Developed as a part of the MythX security analysis suite by Consensys, Mythril is the dynamic smart contract security analysis component of this toolset. Mythril uses symbolic execution, SMT solving, and taint analysis to detect security vulnerabilities with contracts on any EVM-compatible chain. Notably, if Mythril is used with its parent suite MythX, devs are provided a variety of IDE plugins, instructional documentation, and command line tools.


Built by Loi Luu and his team at the National University of Singapore, Oyente isa symbolic analysis tool to catch security vulnerabilities in Ethereum contracts and EVM bytecode. Developers can use Oyente to evaluate local and remote contracts and verify assertions for those contracts.   The full installation is dependent on packages such as Web3.js, Z3 Theorem Prover. One of the oldest contract analyzers around projects like Quantstamp and Augurhave used Oyenete since their inception.

Solidity Array Generator

Solidity Array Generator is a resource of free functions that help generate readable Solidity code. It is designed for testing, not optimized for gas consumption regulation, or toaid with functionality of code.Developers can use the Solidity Array Generator to generate uniform standards ofcode, in the form sense, when working in teams.