XDEFI Wallet

XDEFI Wallet is a non-custodial wallet that allows you to securely store, swap and send NFTs and crypto across 15 blockchains. More than 150,000 people trust XDEFI Wallet and it has a 5-star rating on the Google Chrome store.  Swap, bridge, send and store more than 10,000 assets on Ethereum, Solana, Arbitrum, THORChain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Bitcoin, Binance Chain, BNB Chain, Doge, Terra, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.


Founded a few weeks after Ethereum went live, MyEtherWallet has been one of the leading interfaces for interacting with Ethereum. Buy and sell crypto, stake and manage your NFTS.

Clear EVM Wallet

Clear EVM Wallet is an open-source chrome extension wallet built on Ethers, Ionic, and Vue and works with EVM chains. It implements Metamask API, meaning websites will think you have Metamask installed. You can use it on your favorite web3 websites as a Metamask replacement. It has features like data wiping, auto lock, export-import accounts, and perma-lock(requires a password for decryption for every sign/transaction). It is lean, less than 400 KBs, and most vitally, it does not collect any data.

Spot Wallet

Spot is a secure and friendly self-custody wallet (aka non-custodial wallet) for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Tezos, NFTs, and 200+ tokens. Spot’s mission is to be the easiest entry point to web3 and DeFi. Spot is available on iOS & Android as well as on desktop with a unique Chrome extension that does not store any private keys in your browser!


Backpack is a wallet project built by Coral, the company behind the Anchor Framework for Web3 development. It will be the wallet for xNFTs.Backpack will be the gatekeeper for access, transactions, and identity management for the coming xNFT economy. Users will store, send, and collect xNTFs using Backpack across chains and user platforms.


The sequence is a user-friendly, non-custodial blockchain-based smart contracts wallet that supports multiple chains and provides seamless integration. SequenceWallet is built on Ethereum and Web3 standards and can be accessed through anyweb browser.Users gain access to secure Sequence wallets which are controlled by multipleprivate keys, hence increasing security compared to traditional wallets.


Viktor Radchenko founded Trustwallet to create an inclusive and multi-chainwallet that an average user, or even a complete newbie, can easily navigate.Trustwallet is integrated into a lot of DApps, including PancakeSwap, 1inch,Looksrare, and a host of others. Thus, it is easy for the users to access these platforms right within their Trustwallets.Trsutwallet has almost everything a crypto degen might need, including charts totrack prices within the app.

Ronin Wallet

Ronin Wallet is a crypto wallet that runs on the Ronin blockchain, and is developed specifically for the players of the Axie Infinity BlockchainPLay-to-earn game.The Ronin network significantly reduces the cost of trading and breeding Axies,as well as the cost of playing Axie Infinity. Ronin Wallet is also compatiblewith the Ronin blockchain’s other NFT games.


Since 2016, imToken has been one of the safest crypto and bitcoin wallet. It Enables users to manage thousands of tokens securely, watch DeFi balances grow,flip NFTs, earn money with Ethereum games, and participate in Layer 2 and Eth2staking. Developers can connect dapps to the imToken Application via the API.In addition, imToken also features DEX and DApp browsing in one place.


Founded by Boris Feng and Wang Peng, Alfa1 is a cryptocurrency asset management platform which institutionalizes crypto asset growth through  advancing thealgorithm and technology underlying the crypto ecosystem and blockchain. Userscan receive services of traditional financial investment management technologycombined with digital asset management services to achieve consistent growth.Alfa1 has grown to manage a book of over $300 million AUM in various cryptoassets over the last three years.