Maxity uses blockchain technology to innovate the way NGOs fundraise and to strengthen transparency in the sector. Maxity incorporates Metaverse, NFTs, Volunteer and Reward (V&R), and SocialFi models and helps charities understand the potential of blockchain technology.  Providing a one-stop solution for charities, NGOs, social enterprises, and donors wanting to contribute to society, Maxity works with charities to identify how they can use Web3 to boost their donor engagement and visibility. It currently contributes to the 17 UN Global Goals.


Rally is a platform that builds communities around a brand or message by utilizing content sharing and crypto token rewards. Rally combines traditional word-of-mouth and influencer marketing concepts withgamification and strategies that have aided in the development ofcryptocurrencies and communities. By allowing creators to launch their own social tokens and NFTs, Rally aims toenable creators and their communities to build their own independent digitaleconomies.

Chainpass INC

Founded in May 2022, Chainpass is an end-to-end ticketing platform for real-world events built on Polygon. Event hosts can use Chainpass to issuetickets for token-gated IRL events or invite users to live events like concerts,sports matches, etc. Chainpass tickets are smart-contract-based tickets on Polygon and thus,organizers can get insights into the ticket sales, set royalties, and securelydistribute tickets across multiple partners.

iMe Lab

iMe is a smart platform that includes a Telegram-based messenger, a cryptocurrency wallet, and Defi tools. It gives Telegram users access to DeFi features. All users will feel more at ease managing their cryptocurrencies withiMe’s user-friendly process and secure interface. iMe App also allows mainstreamand crypto communities to connect, communicate, and discuss their projects.The iMe Smart Platform was the first in the industry to incorporate DeFifunctionality into its messaging platform.


Torum is a SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem dedicated to cryptocurrency users and projects.The Web 3.0 ecosystem of Torum is centered on a social media platform, with a yield farming hub for DeFi players, an NFT marketplace for crypto artists, andAvatar NFT for Metaverse enthusiasts.Torum aspires to be an open, safe, and interconnected entry point forcryptocurrency users to discuss and connect.


Roll is infrastructure for social money. It allows users to own, control and monetize the value of their social interactions across all platforms, using ERC20 tokens or ‘fancoins’ as social money. Developers can use the Roll API to implement end-points within their programmes.


SoCool is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization in infrastructure and a wallet for a creator economy. Users gain access to the SoCool wallet to store, buy, send, receive, swap tokens and collect NFTs cross-chain as well as the ability to mint tokens and participate in DAO voting. Developers can use the financial tools on SoCool and participate in these communities.