The only platform for community growth made just for Web3. frens helps community managers of DAOs, NFT projects, DeFi projects, Web3 gaming projects and more.

Dmail Network

Dmail Network has two main offerings: (1.) User’s own inbox powered by IFPS and Canister where users can manage and visit data by themselves; (2.) A collaborative workspace: The high-frequency Dmail communication service serves as a management portal for messages, assets and workspace data.


Maxity uses blockchain technology to innovate the way NGOs fundraise and to strengthen transparency in the sector. Maxity incorporates Metaverse, NFTs, Volunteer and Reward (V&R), and SocialFi models and helps charities understand the potential of blockchain technology.  Providing a one-stop solution for charities, NGOs, social enterprises, and donors wanting to contribute to society, Maxity works with charities to identify how they can use Web3 to boost their donor engagement and visibility. It currently contributes to the 17 UN Global Goals.


LiveThree is a web3 live streaming platform that provides a new way to enjoy live streams that benefits both the broadcasters and viewers. Existing live streams are often mediocre and filled with ads, resulting in low quality live streams and poor viewer experiences. With LiveThree, broadcasters earn every second per viewer, and viewers only pay for what they deem worthy (through subscription streams), encouraging higher quality live streams and a better viewer experience. Ultimately, LiveThree provides a blank canvas for creators and services to innovate what can be done through a live format experience.

Violet Verse

Violet Verse’s decentralized CMS allows anyone with a crypto wallet to engage with their media dApp and earn rewards in crypto. Their blockchain will be used to host content and push content live.  For instance, voting on drafts will trigger a multi-signature wallet action. The article and writer will get paid in tandem, and the writer’s bylines are captured in the smart contract.  This solves three problems: misinformation, copyright infringement, and writers needing to get paid.


There is only one true currency between human beings. forgivenet® is the start of something new. It is the first whispers of a global currency of love based on forgiveness. You can request forgiveness from those you’ve wronged and receive an FRGVN token in return.


ShareMint enables Web3 projects to launch a referral or affiliate program easily. To use it, sign up to ShareMint and enter your project details. You will then receive a link to share with others for them to sign up as affiliates for your project and receive their own unique tracking link. To payout affiliates, ShareMint offers a single-click mass payout option.


BEBverse is a Web3 social protocol to bring communities on-chain. Currently, social communities are owned by corporations like Reddit and Discord, with no means of exit or censorship-resistance. BEBverse aims to decentralize this ownership back to the people who run the community. Currently, they already have a functional social website, iOS and Android app for your community, and are working on decentralizing their protocol.


Writing is always hindered by censorship. With the power of decentralization, all writers will have their content marked and have proof of ownership. Additionally, writers will earn for the articles they write in cryptocurrencies or fiat. Writers can get jobs and opportunities such as copywriting by joining the community.


Share helps authors make a better living from their writing, and have a better connection with their readers, in a decentralized and censorship-resistant environment. Thanks to Lens protocol and its decentralized social graph, authors finally have an all-in-one tool where they can publish their articles, communicate, earn. Readers can support and interact with their favorite authors by sticking to the articles. They can have access to token-gated articles and much more…