All you need Ethereum development tool. Build, test, fuzz, formally verify, debug & deploy solidity contracts. Built by Dapp Tools, the project is an implementation of the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) made specifically for unit testing and debugging smart contracts

Constructor Encoder

Dethtools’ Constructor Encoder is one of the many tools that smart contract analysts and developers can use to take a peek at the underlying architecture ofDApps.Developers can inject the ABI from smart contracts and read data out of smart contracts.Part of the toolset also consists of calculators, converters, vanity addressgenerators, and decoders useful to the analytic cause of the developer.


A Truffle project for the simulation of mainnet Ethereum on local machines or inthe cloud. Capable of all key Ethereum blockchain functionality.Ganache allows developers to test smart contracts, deploy on localhost, mine thelocal chain without wait times or lag, and even create tokens for transaction tests.

Foundry Template

A Foundry created a smart contract template with tools for fuzzing, debugging,and deploying to a chain.Developers can find the building blocks and extensions for use in creating Solidity smart contracts. A cheat sheet comes in handy making sure developerswork at a safe but fast pace.Includes Solhint and Prettier Solidity plugins for VS Code.

Huff Starter Kit

A Huff and Foundry smart contract templates collection managed by Chainlink.Requires Git, Huff compiler, and Foundry to deploy on maninet or testnet.Developers can use the templates and documentation provided to create a pricefeed with the Chainlink oracle, or a keeper service. Knowledge of Solidity is an advantage.

Transaction Decoder

Transaction Decoder is built by dEth Crypto as a part of their dEth Tools,providing a sleek, well-maintained Ethereum transaction decoder and conversioncalculator.Transaction Decoder is one of dEth Crypto’s suite of Ethereum dev tools,including Typechain and respective bindings for Ethereum smart contracts, andtheir Typechain assertion library.  The DethTools GitHub provides examples ofuse and application, including an integration with Truffle.


PRBMath, the Paul Razvan Berg-written math library is gas-friendly and comes with default functions to handle exponentials, powers, logarithms, and squareroots.Developers can create mathematical calculations in smart contracts with anint256 precision and an 18-point training decimal.+500 stars, forks, and pull requests attest to the usefulness of the library’stools.


Owned by the official Optimism Blockchain, and written in Solidity, Drippie is a system designed for predictable automation.A possible use case is the timely top-up of bot-like smart contracts to avoidoverspending while keeping a steady flow of tokens automatically.The smart contract is well documented but not guaranteed to be safe.


An extension of Richard Ramos’ work on the visualization of solidity contracts,with support for storage diagrams and UML generation from a CLI.After installing Node +14v, analysts can generate unified modeling Language Class diagrams to visualize the logic of all content of the ‘contracts’ folderand any subs.

Hardhat Template

Created by Paul Razvan Berg, the Hardhat Template repository initiates a Solidity project with a predefined stack including Ethers.js, Typechain,Solhint, and Solcover.Developers can quickly spin up a Typescript project with the bare minimum functions and bindings to flesh out complex smart contracts.