Zenland is the first no-code smart contract platform where anyone buying or selling products/services can be sure the deal is safe. This is done through a smart contract, a simple programmable agreement between two parties.

Gnosis V2

An open-source repository of smart contracts for Gnosis version 2.Developers can use code as templates, inspiration, or learning material to build better smart contracts.The project is now an archive, and although useful, a fresher branch exists. Theoriginal team behind the main keeps adding code to date.

Polygon Smart Contracts

The official Polygon business logic smart contracts repository is exposed to the general public.Developers can contribute to the Polygon Smart Contracts repository with code,content, or review effort. The smart contracts are also available to use asbuilding blocks for custom business logic.+1k stars, forks, and contributors keep the repository active.

Polygon Smart Contract

Alchemy-directed tutorial for building smart contracts for the Polygon Blockchain. Beginner developers can pick up basic Solidity smart contract-building skills,have a project in their portfolio, and deploy to a testnet.This repo is part of the coveted Alchemy Learn initiative to onboard more smart contract developers.

Yearn Smart Contracts

Yearn Finance provided Solidity and Vyper smart contracts repository of the underlying logic to the Yearn suite of Vaults.Developers can explore the requirements, test scripts, contracts, and standardsof executing high-risk business logic.+700 forks, contributors, stars, and a buzzing +200k community keep the repoactive, and the Vaults well-used.

CantBeEvil License

A library of Can’t Be Evil License smart contracts managed by A16z for developers to associate their projects with.Developers can point to the various CC0 1.0 Universal licenses supported by exposing the “getLicenseName” and “getLicenseURI” methods in NFT projects andother smart contract use cases.

Hello World

The Alchemy “Hello World” smart contract example for beginners or Web2 developers crossing over to Web3. Developers can learn Solidity from the recognizable “Hello World” program example found in all common languages.The “Hello World” example is one of the best first points of contact in anyprogramming language.

Synthetix Smart Contracts

A repository of the Solidity smart contracts behind Synthetics financial protocol, exposed for review, inheritance, and contribution.Developers can access Libraries, contracts, and interfaces of the actualSynthentix Protocol. +230k community members, and +1k smart contract users and contributors stayhandy in improving the smart contract resource.


Snekmate is a Pascal Marco Caversaccio-hosted, open-source collection of Vypersmart contracts to apply in auth, mixins, tokens, and utils use cases.Developers can use Snekmate as a reference point for early-stage smart contract development, or even to map security standards for data-sensitive use cases.

Boring Solidity

A Boring Crypto project, Boring Solidity serves as a template repository of tested and reviewed Solidity smart contracts for further development.Developers can learn how to structure Solidity smart contracts, although notguaranteed secure or plug-and-play for their use cases.Hundreds of stars prove that Boring Solidity has been the foundation of manyactive Solidity smart contracts.