ImmuneBytes is a cutting-edge security startup that aims to provide a secure blockchain environment for a dependable and open Web3 ecosystem. Established in mid 2020s, ImmuneBytes aims to protect the blockchain industry by giving startups and businesses the best-in-class solutions for smart contract auditing, making their applications challenging for hackers to access.ImmuneBytes has successfully evaluated over 175 Web 3.0 projects and assessed funds worth ~4.1B in assets spread across numerous smart contracts. Established in New Delhi, they cater to a client base from all over the world, including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Nigeria, and Canada.


Blockem is trying to solve the $14B a year problem that is scams in web3. Blockem’s solution works in multiple ways: (1.) As a web app search engine, giving a trust score out of 100 for a given address; (2.) With our extension, by intercepting malicious calls to a wallet, simulating transactions, and giving AI-driven pattern matching score; and (3.) With profiles, that bring the social aspect to web3, while rewarding on-chain actions that are trustworthy


We are building a home security system for web3 enterprises to protect their user base and community from scam actors. Our underlying product is an API that detects risk / scam activity in smart contracts, wallet addresses, and websites. We run artificial intelligence models on on-chain data to determine common signals of malicious activity and leverage those signals as a scam filter for web3 marketplaces, tooling platforms and their communities (e.g., Discord).


We offer SaaS products and services for any company that has exposure to blockchain to protect themselves and their customers from bad actors. That ranges from onchain anti-money laundering checks, to fraud detection and smart contract security audits. We recently launched a new product to help enterprises build web3 projects, deploy smart contracts on the blockchain, and manage the interactions with them.

Wallet Guard

Wallet Guard provides proactive phishing detection via a Chrome extension so that you can navigate web3 safely. Our tools include real time alerting, malicious extension detection, a personal security dashboard, and soon transaction simulations. helps secure tokens for a user by wrapping/converting them to a more secure strict standard that prevents malicious approvals/permits, hence effectively preventing accounts from being drained via Transferfrom exploits.


CoinsDo provides visibility to how funds are transferred, flexibility in deciding who decides the funds transfers, and security in ensuring only the right person can transfer funds.

Nightfall 3

Nightfall can be used to remove the recipient and the token information when being transferred from traceable data.Developers can set up the experimental project in a Docker container and runtest transactions to implement based on custom use cases on private blockchains.This project is part of the EY Blockchain initiative.


Created by Slow Mist, a company that conducts security audits, threat information, bug bounties, and defense deployment, and provides securityconsultants across the Web3.0 landscape.Users can use Slow Mist to investigate transactions across blockchains and tobolster compliance in DeFi projects. It’s an anti-money laundering (AML)tracking tool.Popular projects MistTrack has worked on include; Huobi, Binance, MultiChain,PancakeSwap, and


Pawe? Kury?owicz, Damian Rusinek authored the Smart Contract Security Verification Standard (SCSVS) to make it easier for developers, architects, andanalysts to build, enforce security standards from the ground up.Analysts can use the SCSVS to discover areas of vulnerability in smart contracts.Developers can use the SCSVS as a guide when building smart contracts fromscratch.