We offer SaaS products and services for any company that has exposure to blockchain to protect themselves and their customers from bad actors. That ranges from onchain anti-money laundering checks, to fraud detection and smart contract security audits. We recently launched a new product to help enterprises build web3 projects, deploy smart contracts on the blockchain, and manage the interactions with them.


We are building a home security system for web3 enterprises to protect their user base and community from scam actors. Our underlying product is an API that detects risk / scam activity in smart contracts, wallet addresses, and websites. We run artificial intelligence models on on-chain data to determine common signals of malicious activity and leverage those signals as a scam filter for web3 marketplaces, tooling platforms and their communities (e.g., Discord).


Blockem is trying to solve the $14B a year problem that is scams in web3. Blockem’s solution works in multiple ways: (1.) As a web app search engine, giving a trust score out of 100 for a given address; (2.) With our extension, by intercepting malicious calls to a wallet, simulating transactions, and giving AI-driven pattern matching score; and (3.) With profiles, that bring the social aspect to web3, while rewarding on-chain actions that are trustworthy

Nightfall 3

Nightfall can be used to remove the recipient and the token information when being transferred from traceable data.Developers can set up the experimental project in a Docker container and runtest transactions to implement based on custom use cases on private blockchains.This project is part of the EY Blockchain initiative.


Founded in 2014, Chainalysis creates software and actionable information to helplegacy institutions integrate decentralized technology.Chainalysis attempts to foster confidence between partners while establishing dependable compliance standards with low risk.Chainalysis has assisted in some of the blockchain industry’s most high-profile criminal prosecutions.


Splunk is best known for its machine data analysis tools; it is one of the few companies that specialize in making machine-level data analysis tools.It is simple to use and widely used in application management, security, and data analytics. Splunk quietly released enhancements in 2020 to support enterprise blockchains and provide the same level of insight into blockchain networks as it does to more traditional enterprise application infrastructures.


Created by Patrick Ventuzelo, Octopus analyzes closed-source WebAssembly and smart contracts bytecode to expose their internal functions. Users can use Octopus to conduct vulnerability research by communicating with chains through an explorer. Octopus stands out by providing comprehensive custom obfuscation solutions for L1 and L2 projects and providing free security training.


Harpie monitors your wallet hundreds of times a second. When we detect a malicious transaction or transfer, we’re able to stop that transaction in transit. By using Harpie, you can use Web3 without having to constantly worry about being hacked or scammed.


Forta is a real-time decentralized cybersecurity network running on Ethereum, Polygon, and multiple other blockchains. Founded in 2021, Forta was incubated by OpenZeppellin, and today is trusted by some of the largest web3 dapps including dYdX, Compound, Lido, and MakerDAO. With thousands of backers, hundreds of protocols, and standalone users, Forta’s community-run security network has protected 10s of billions of valuable assets from exploits. Users can subscribe to dapp security monitoring for web3 projects they have an interest in, and web3 developers can use the Forta SDK to build threat detection bots, and set up nodes to extend the Forta network across chains.