Founded in 2020 by Galen Marchetti and Kevin Today, Kurtosis is a tool used for developing and testing distributed systems. Created to simplify the process of developing and testing environments, web3developers can utilize Kurtosis to efficiently build distributed systems. With a technically impressive team, Kurtosis is building a state-of-the-artdevelopers tool that will allow developers across the ecosystem to feelconfident shipping software at scale.


Founded by Mario Alves and Helder Vasconcelos, Dappkit is a completely free and open-source web3 development platform for dapp creation. Developers can use Dappkit’s user-friendly interface to seamlessly build Web3 applications with advanced smart contracts. Dappkit has very useful features to help developers automate EVM smart contractinteractions and integrate external tools. Dappkit operates as an open-source DAO and is free to use, no matter howadvanced the features.

Quicknode SDK

Founded in 2017, Quicknode is a popular web3 developer tool and infrastructure provider. Developers can use Quicknode’s powerful web3 tools and suite of APIs to build avariety of useful dapps and analytics platforms. Quicknode has a large library of technical articles, guides, and developer noteson how to best utilize its product offerings. With over 95,000 developers in its ecosystem, Quicknode is a leading platformfor web3 development.


Founded by Furqan Rydhan and Steven Bartlett in 2021, thirdweb is the leading platform for web3 developers. Developers can use thirdweb’s service to build, manage, and analyze their Web3 applications. The company offers a range of service offerings like analytics platforms,authentication protocols, and decentralized storage options. thirdweb has had over 55,000 developers to date use its product offerings andwas recently valued at $160 million.


Moralis is a platform made to simplify web3 development that was started in 2021by Swedish-based co-founders Ivan Liljeqvist(CEO) and Filipino Martinsson(COO). Developers can use Moralis’s services to streamline their dapp development by easily integrating a plethora of web3 tools. Moralis offers seamless cross-functionality between its APIs and world-classcustomer support for its customers.

Alchemy SDK

The Alchemy SDK is considered the best web3 development platform on the market. Simple, efficient, and comprehensive, the Alchemy SDK is easiest way to create and connect your dapp to the blockchain. Developers can use the Alchemy SDK to access a variety of web3 tools for APIs, NFTs, wallets, data analytics, and much more. Offering multi-chain support and its best-in-class infrastructure, Alchemy’s SDK is an all-around powerhouse for dapp development.