StarkNet React

StarkNet React is a collection of React hooks for StarkNet. It is inspired by wagmi powered by starknet.js.

Next Web3 Boilerplate

The Next Web3 Boilerplate is a project by Jeff Reiner, providing an open-sourced app template built with Next.js, Web3-React, Typechain, Ethers, and SWR.Developers can quickly deploy a bare-bone DApp template to start building out their ideas with their preferred IDE.Contributions from developers are welcome.

Uniswap Web3 React

This Uniswap-built framework for building Web3 dapps quickly takes the hustle out of turning ideas into functional demos.Developers can yarn commands to roll out the basic frontend to a dapp withwallet connect as the default auth method.The project is keen on developers looking to contribute to the growth insimplicity and usability.


Quiver aims to make Web3 onboarding seamless for developers and users alike by providing webhooks and components to build out usable dapps.Quiver gives developers a package to yarn into test environments and deploys afunctional dapp with ‘connect wallet’ controls for Web3 onboarding.Quiver is used by more than 22k developers to launch DApp boilerplates.