As Web3 is causing a paradigm shift from how community members are the products in Web2 to how we’re setting them behind the wheel in Web3, DappBack has alsobeen on track for recognizing and rewarding active participation.DappBack is where community members get incentives for being active. Metrics formeasuring participation can be general activeness or the use of the community’sdecentralized application, as the case may be.Members can earn NFTs and also crypto–specifically, ETH


Web3 education is important both in the general understanding of it and its adoption.ACQR is one protocol at the forefront of giving people incentives to learn aboutWeb3, its potential, and the various ways they can join or participate inbuilding it–especially with their skills.They give people educational tasks to complete and give incentives in return.At the other end of the spectrum, ACQR helps and partners with Web3 protocols,both new and existing ones, to get more vibrant users.


Quest3 is a do-to-earn platform where projects and protocols fund a liquidity pool that is quest-based. Users earn as much as they participate in thesequests.Unlike some other Web3 quests platforms, signing up on Quest3 is relativelyeasier as the users can simply log in with their Discord and Twitter profilerather than only their wallet addresses.The platform is not only limited to the supported quests, as various protocolsor platforms can create their own quests as well.


DeQuest is a gaming platform on major blockchains such as Ethereum and Solana.It rewards people for participating and being active players in its selected games.The homepage of DeQuest features many action games that the users can select from and start playing.DeQuest supports most popular game brands in Web3 and Web2, including Decentraland, Synergy Land, and Skyweaver.


What is known as Pyme today was an invention of Simon Mitchell, the Chief Executive Officer. Described as “gateway to Web3,” Pyme gives people points for taking little effort such as opening emails. It has over 75k community members in total. The platform has partnered with various popular blockchains including Polygon. All the users have to do is complete setting up their profiles and attempt quests to earn points. For the projects, Pyme helps them build and scale their marketing efforts.