Founded by Colton Dillion and Taylor Culbertson, Hedgehog is a cryptocurrency robo-adviser. Users can connect wallets and exchanges to automatically access the best prices and sync their cryptocurrency wallets and exchange accounts to visualize their portfolios in aggregate. Developers can use the API to integrate end-points into their programmes. Hedgehog is also developing technology that will allow users to trade at the best possible price.


Augur aims to incentivize a global network of computers to keep a prediction market platform running on top of Ethereum (ETH).A prediction market is similar to an exchange in that users wager on the outcomeof events rather than trading assets. Augur allows users to create and trade”shares” representing a portion of the value of outcomes without relying on acompany to create or manage these markets.


Polymarket is a decentralized trading protocol on Polygon, and it taps into the Uma oracle for data infrastructure supply. To deposit into Polymarket, the users can either use centralized exchanges such as Binance and FTX, or use decentralized wallets like Metamask. Then they can predict future market trends and enter trades accordingly. They can also leave the trade if it goes south, or take profits other things being equal.