Woop Pay

Web3 payment requests have poor UX flow. You often need to copy-paste your wallet address and hope that the payer doesn’t commit any error during the transaction. Existing solutions to this problem (e.g. the receive functionality in wallets) are not open source and are treated as a side feature without any focus on them. Woop Pay wants to fix this by offering an open-source product that allows you to create, share, and pay cryptocurrency payment requests in a simple way.


0xSplits is an open-source, audited, non-upgradeable set of contracts that efficiently split onchain income. Whenever a Split receives income, each recipient gets their share. It’s simple enough for friends, secure enough for anons, and optimized enough for developers.


DePay provides a payment infrastructure that utilizes decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 technologies to facilitate blockchain-based payments. DePay automatically converts tokens as part of the payment transaction, providing merchants with more flexibility and ease of use. With DePay, merchants and developers can access received payments in real-time, allowing for instant cash flow.Therefore, DePay greatly expands the number of accepted tokens by leveraging DeFi, enabling merchants to accept a wide range of digital assets.


There are currently no enterprise-grade solutions to allow businesses to accept recurring payments natively with cryptocurrency. Subbi fixes this. Subbi offers a suite of tools to easily start accepting subscription payments in under 5 minutes. With hosted checkouts, a React library, or direct contract integration – Subbi has a solution for you. Subbi currently supports USDC, with support for DAI, USDT, and WETH coming soon.


Reap is a financial platform that combines spend management software with a range of innovative payment products to orchestrate success for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Centered on our flagship VISA corporate credit card. Reap removes the merchant acceptance barrier for B2B expenses and enables projects to stay ahead of the market. With the Reap platform, businesses can issue globally, pay salaries, make cross-border transactions, off-ramp using a fiat-denominated corporate credit card, and settle balances using digital currency – all on one digital platform.


On Sablier, time means money … literally. As a user, you see your crypto earnings increase in real-time in the Sablier dashboard. As a Web3 organization, this technology helps you get rid of the hassle of distributing crypto assets on a recurring basis. After a one-time deposit, the Sablier smart contracts will start “streaming” the tokens towards the recipient, without you lifting a finger again.


Superfluid is a smart contract framework on EVM networks, enabling you to move assets on-chain following predefined rules called agreements. With a single on-chain transaction, the money will flow from your wallet to the receiver in real-time! No further transactions required- it works like magic

Tres Finance

Tres Finance gives its users financial workflows such as reconciliation, balance calculation, audit, and reporting for Web3 financials so they can control and manage their transactions and their finance real estate better.Monitoring and managing crypto financial transactions become easier when data is compiled and formatted to fit business benchmarks and KPIs. Tres helps the Web3 world do this more effectively with its special suite of financial tools.

Loop Crypto

The most effective way to accept crypto payments. The only protocol that allows for true autopay – no locking up funds; no withdrawals, ever. With Loop, users maintain control over their assets while removing the need to sign every recurring transaction. If you’re a Web3 company or you serve Web3 companies, DAOs, or communities, then you need automation.


Financial Infrastructure for Digital Assets. Ponto, meaning bridge in Esperanto, connects global financial networks to local economies. Ponto provides foundational infrastructure for new technologies so entrepreneurs and enterprises can create great experiences for their customers.