Marketing in Web3 is very manual, reactive, and cumbersome. Many Web3 businesses struggle to know who their customers are and connect with them in meaningful ways. Holder helps NFT projects, DAOs, and Web3 brands easily build an audience, curate a customer journey, and start communicating to their customers. Holder has an integrated on-chain data ingestion engine, a Web3-enabled form builder for collecting data, an audience builder for segmenting your contacts and owners. Additionally, they also feature a messaging suite to help you send the right message to the right person at the right time.


Due to cheap Solana transaction costs, many users end up with a number of scam tokens, unwanted NFTs that have since rugged, or dust that cannot be swapped. Sol-incinerator lets you burn all of these, cleaning up your wallet. In addition, accounts on the Solana blockchain use additional space to store this data. This has an associated fee with it, and when the account is burnt and closed, the Solana fees can be reclaimed. Users who have minted hundreds of rugged NFTs may be able to reclaim multiple Solana tokens by burning them!


HEBYS is a robust and comprehensive NFT platform that includes products such as a search engine, marketplace, launchpad, and API Gateway with multi-chain capabilities and AI features. Currently, HEBYS has indexed over 131 million NFTs and 3.7 million collections. All data is automatically and continuously pulled from the major blockchains. Beside the on-chain data it collects, it also provides off-chain data such as active sales, bids/offers, and more from well-known marketplaces. HEBYS all-in-one platform and multi-chain automatized infrastructure eliminates the need to visit many websites and use different tools. Hebys verifies assets to distinguish original from fake items, uses machine-learning-based price estimation to evaluate sales, and returns search results in milliseconds with rich narrow-down options. HEBYS also provides several marketplace data explorations on one page, portfolio management tools to track investments, the ability to directly buy from other marketplaces without leaving the platform, and a feature to chat with owners by wallet address without the need for an email.


Hashscan gives tools for launched NFT projects to manage and grow their communities. You can better understand your community, connect on-chain and off-chain profiles, and use tools to grow it with Hashscan.


Orvylle is an NFT token gating platform which you use for photos, videos and any downloadable file on your own website. Creators can use it to reward collectors with behind the scenes content, pre-releases, etc to reward their community.

Footprint Analytics

Footprint Analytics is a tool to uncover and visualize data across the blockchain, including NFT and GameFi data. It currently collects, parses and cleans data from 22 chains and lets users build charts and dashboards without code using a drag-and-drop interface as well as with SQL or Python.

Year in Review

Just like Spotify and YouTube compile ‘Wrapped’ highlights of the year, Year in review allows you to know how many NFTs you have minted during the year. It also returns back stats about how many transactions you have done and how many JPG, GIF, MP3 and MP4 artists you have supported through the year.


Capsules behave as trustless NFT wrappers that optimize the way users batch and transfer digital assets. Further applications include loot boxes, mobile staking, wrapped PFPs, index funds, and more. Anyone can interact with the Capsule ecosystem by accessing our dApp or utilizing our plug-and-play code library. Don’t trade tokens, trade Capsules!

HeyMint Launchpad

With HeyMint Launchpad, you don’t need any technical knowledge to launch an amazing project in minutes! Our NFT art generator makes creating your collection easy as pie. Our intuitive platform makes it unbelievably easy to design the smart contract you need. In just a few minutes, you can set up all the details for your presale, public sale, and custom mint button! Once you are ready, just hit a button and we will generate your custom smart contract in mere seconds. From art generation, custom smart contracts, and custom mint buttons – we’ve got you covered, all for free.


NFTfolio helps you track the fundamental data, price, and performance of your NFT investments.