ERC721A is a gas-efficient implementation of the common ERC721 standard used by notable projects to mint multiple NFTs in batches. It was created by the ChiruLabs Azuki team. Developers can use the Solidity smart contract to pass quantities of tokens tomint in one transaction, or add features to the repository by forking and pushing new changes.

HashLips NFT Smart Contracts

Founded by Daniel Eugene Botha, HashLips, a growing community of NFT enthusiasts building projects in solidity, this repository is a collection of reusablesolidity smart contracts.Developers can clone, deploy and test the smart contracts to create NFTcollections for free.+18k followers and hundreds of stars on GitHub speak volumes about the project’squality.


Launched in August 2021, Metaplex is one of the largest protocols on Solana. It enables creators and developers to mint, sell, and manage non-fungible tokens(NFTs). With Metaplex Studio, users can launch customized NFT collections without any coding involved. For developers, Metaplex offers a range of tools and software development kits, including Candy Machine, for minting and distribution, Auction House, for selling, and Token Metadata, for adding NFTs to projects.