UNITBOX is a rental marketplace for NFT owners to lend their assets to students and gamers at a fee.Web3 gamers can rent high-skill NFT-based characters for in-game advantages during sponsored tournaments and then, later on, return them to pay the rental fee after success in their gaming ventures. Win-win!


Vera is a valuable ecosystem for NFTs, offering the chance for holders to earn by renting out their collections.Users can rent special access NFTs to experience events and activities they’d otherwise miss without the assets.Collectors can earn rental fees by listing their NFTs for willing community members to lease.


Renfter aims to strike a balance between NFT-holding and non-holding communities while allowing NFT projects to unlock entirely new sets of features to help themgrow and scale.Reftner utilizes blockchain technology, specifically Smart Contracts, to developa renting protocol that does not rely on collateral as insurance and serves as a single source of trust.

IQ Protocol

The IQ Protocol creates both fungible and Non Fungible tokens (NFT) and provides framework for NFT lending and renting. It has the backing of over 30 top-tier venture capital (VC) firms and private investors.The framework of wrapped expirable assets provided by IQ Protocol enablesrisk-free renting without the need for collateral. The framework supportsfungible tokens as well as NFTs and skins for a set period of time.