Nftfy is an NFT investment platform that lets collectors pool together to purchase hot assets, and for creators to find more investors for their work.Groups of buyers can pitch into a collection’s price and co-own it.Creators can put their artwork up for sale and get more buyers for the fractions of their whole.


Unicly is a community of NFT collectors, creators, and investors openly trading their collections in a unique vault model to stake and burn token earnings for ETH rewards.Collectors can create auctions for their artwork to get profit and offer it up for farming, staking, or just burning it for more yield.


Launched by Andy Chorlian July 2021, Fractional is an NFT tool that enables users to own fractions of expensive NFTs that they would otherwise not be ableto afford. Therefore, Fractional increases the accessibility of NFTs by reducingentry costs. For users, it has created an avenue for community building around popular NFTs.In August 2022, Fractional announced that it is upgrading from a simple smart contract to a complete NFT infrastructure and rebranding as Tessera.


The Bridgesplit platform aims to bring interoperability between NFT projects, derivative markets, and decentralized finance. Through a collection of novelAPIs, Bridgesplit reimagines NFT trading on the Solana blockchain allowing users to put their NFTs up as collateral and borrow against those assets or fractionalize NFT purchases. With funding from reputable investors like Jump Capital and Coinbase ventures,Bridgesplit APIs are expected to become an integral part of the Solana NFTecosystem.