Hashscan gives tools for launched NFT projects to manage and grow their communities. You can better understand your community, connect on-chain and off-chain profiles, and use tools to grow it with Hashscan.


Onboarding buyers who don’t have crypto or a wallet takes time. NFTpay works with your existing smart contract by taking card payment and minting on behalf of your customers. Integration takes minutes with a two-line script on your site. NFT’s made simple.


NiftyKit puts the power of launching an NFT drop or collection in the creator’s hands by providing them with simple, yet robust tooling to meet all their needs. Features like revenue splitting and token gating are as simple as a few clicks on the platform. Additionally the NiftyKit smart contracts are fully-audited giving users the trust they need to launch their next big digital project.


Winter builds an NFT checkout for businesses, brands, and marketplaces to sell NFTs via credit card. It’s free, no KYC checks, and can be implemented in a day or less!


Cloutchain helps brands find fans. Simple as that. For more crypto fun things: we provide a protocol layer custody solution for existing NFT collections. So cool.