CRNFT is a community-driven NFT marketplace of curated art, architecture, and digital fashion. They solve the problem of spam by working with accredited curators. CRNFT helps upcoming fashion designers, artists and architects build in the metaverse.


GhostMarket is a fully non-custodial, cross-chain NFT marketplace, powered by smart contracts on each integrated blockchain: ETH, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, NEO, Phantasma, with more blockchains in the pipeline. GhostMarket features an intuitive self-minting platform, providing fast and efficient minting and listing of artworks. The self-minting platform allows artists and developers to create NFTs and control the royalty percentage, attributes, locked content, and more. GhostMarket also has an easy-to-use SDK (All chains in 1 SDK) for integration and extensive documentation.  You can also buy and swap crypto as well as stake GM on our revolutionary single token staking GFUND.


Sqwid is the official NFT marketplace of the Reef chain, an EVM compatible L1 built on the Substrate framework. Sqwid NFTs are ERC1155 compatible which means each one can have multiple copies. They also implement the EIP-2981 Royalty Standard, which allows creators to set a royalty percent that automatically gets transferred to their wallet whenever future sales of the NFTs happen. No extra work needed. Sqwid supports image, video, and audio NFTs and all metadata is stored on Filecoin and IPFS which means the content you’re buying or selling will never be taken down or tampered with.

Wen Moon Market

Launched December 2022, Wen Moon Market offers a wide selection of unique digital assets across multiple blockchains. With Wen Moon Market you can easily discover and own one-of-a-kind NFTs and be a part of the growing digital economy. We offer extremely low fees, so join us today and start building your NFT collection! is a Bitcoin NFT marketplace, powered by Stacks, which enables smart contracts that settle onto Bitcoin. Gamma offers an open marketplace for Bitcoin NFTs, a creator launchpad for 100% creator-owned Ethereum, and a social platform that brings together creators and collectors in a web3-native way. Gamma’s user profiles allow collectors to combine multiple Stacks and Ethereum wallets on one page to showcase all their NFTs, and share profiles based on decentralized identity.

Hodl My Moon

Hodl My Moon provides a fast and easy way for users to mint, buy, and sell polygon NFTs. We connect NFT creators to their communities. Every post on our platform is an NFT. Your avatar is an NFT. Users like and comment on your NFTs. No programming knowledge is required. Crop, filter and upload assets easily from a desktop or mobile device. Pick an asset, license, and mint.

Candy Shop

With Candy Shop you can mint an NFT, operate your own fully decentralized marketplace, and run limited edition launches and auctions.  Within minutes, you can start running your own dedicated storefront marketplace. Candy Shop is cross-chain, and NFT and metaverse chain-agnostic, which helps bring a unified web3 experience to end users. Our SDK is built by developers for developers, and we support many languages and gaming engines. If you are not a developer, we also have a no-code solution!


CyberBrokers is a metaverse-native media and entertainment company that is building a captivating universe through beautiful collectibles, engaging content, and interactive experiences. CyberBrokers allows users to contribute to a new web3-native world. Users own part of the IP by contributing or collecting NFTs.


DualMint provides a way for tech curious boomers to unlock liquidity from assets they own and a way for crypto natives who might want to diversify their investments from crypto to a piece of real world asset.  It also serves as a gateway for physical collectables to be represented in the Metaverse.


At Soltype, you can browse through a wide selection of digital books, purchase them in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and store them in a secure digital wallet. As you browse, you can discover new authors and books and build up your collection. Once you’ve acquired your eBook NFTs, you can read them, resell them to other readers, and collect proceeds from your sales. Soltype also allows users to invest in new works from up-and-coming authors and fund projects they are passionate about.