NFT Gallery Template

The NFT Gallery Template is a Next.js and Tailwind CSS boilerplate project that utilizes the Alchemy NFT API and SDK on the backend (not provided).Researchers can quickly deploy the template and get inspiration to build wonderful user experiences.Developers can use this frontend template to build beautiful UI components as a starting phase for even more complex project ideas.

NFT Marketplace

Alchemy-hosted repository for the 7th week of the Road To Web3 learning initiative containing starter files to build on top of.Developers got a feel for creating environments for DApps, using IPFS forstorage, and writing Solidity smart contracts to list NFTs.Metamask was used for Auth and purchase.

NFT Explorer

An Alchemy-hosted NFT project that demonstrates the implementation of theAlchemy NFT API with a React app and some TailwindCSS.Developers get introduced to the new Alchemy NFT API and build a complete React App with the help of the instructor videos.The project is open to contributions as it has huge scaling potential.

NFT Analyst Starter Pack

Developed by a16z crypto in 2022, the NFT Starter Pack is a python-based tool for extracting analytical data from NFT collections. With just an API key andthe NFT collections contact address, users can collect pertinent informationsuch as NFT transfers, sales records, and NFT metadata instantly. The tool alsocalculates rarity scores.The NFT Analyst starter pack aims to make NFT data analysis more accessible.


Quay is a turnkey solution for developers looking to quickly and securely launchan NFT marketplace using OpenSea’s reputable Seaport contracts. The Quay projectis a powerful backend API implemented in the Rust programming language.By leveraging Quay, orderbook-based NFT marketplaces can support ERC 721, ERC1551, and ERC 20 token standards on any blockchain that employs an Ethereum Virtual Machine.

NFT Minter

Hosted by Alchemy, the open source and procedural guide to creating a decentralized application to mint ERC-standard NFTs.General users can get a feel for deploying smart contracts to the blockchain.Developers can get the building blocks to an NFT auction protocol from the codeand SDK used and provided.

NFT Drop Finder

This Alchemy-hosted project follows the procedure of calling the Transfers API in Heroku configuration to create a dashboard that tracks the minting and NFT trading activities of persons of interest. Developers discover how to set up the Heroku environment and deploy their API through keys and start tracking NFT trades and mints.