NFTScan is a professional web3 data infrastructure that is committed to providing simple and efficient NFT data retrieval services for hundreds of millions of users, as well as providing professional NFT data services for a new generation of financial technology companies.


Launched in 2022 by Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr, Ankr NFT API is a set of Javascript-based developer tools serving to request NFT data across sixEVM-compatible blockchains: Ethereum. Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum,Fantom, and Avalanche.Ankr’s NFT API was created to simplify NFT data fetching, including owners,collections, minting times, transaction history, and particular wallet addresslistings. Developers can retrieve necessary information with a single request.

Moralis NFT API

The non-fungible token (NFT) application programming interface (API) launched inJune 2021 by Moralis helps developers index NFT data across blockchains in real-time. The Moralis NFT API can source and collate NFT balance, metadata, price,transfer, ownership, and all other NFT data on a single platform to help developers build and scale NFT-focused decentralized applications. Moralisclaims that its NFT API can cut down development time by up to 80%.


Launched in 2019, NFTPort is a prominent NFT infrastructure and APIs provider that simplifies the process of making and managing NFTs through its powerful NFT APIs, fast minting processes, and efficient NFT search and management capabilities. NFTPort is trusted by over 30,000 Web2 and Web3 developers including majorplayers like Protocol Labs and Ready Player Me. Moreover, 10% of all NFTs onPolygon are minted through NFTPort.

Blockspan NFT API

Launched in 2022, BlockSpan NFT API enables developers to access real-time,comprehensive NFT data across blockchains. The API supports ERC721 and ERC1155 token standards on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more.BlockSpan collates NFT metadata, ownership details, pricing history, and cached images across blockchains, which developers can access with a few clicks on itsAPI layer. As of October 2022, Blockspan’s API has powered over 1 billion tokentransfer transactions and supports 300M tokens.