Due to cheap Solana transaction costs, many users end up with a number of scam tokens, unwanted NFTs that have since rugged, or dust that cannot be swapped. Sol-incinerator lets you burn all of these, cleaning up your wallet. In addition, accounts on the Solana blockchain use additional space to store this data. This has an associated fee with it, and when the account is burnt and closed, the Solana fees can be reclaimed. Users who have minted hundreds of rugged NFTs may be able to reclaim multiple Solana tokens by burning them!

Year in Review

Just like Spotify and YouTube compile ‘Wrapped’ highlights of the year, Year in review allows you to know how many NFTs you have minted during the year. It also returns back stats about how many transactions you have done and how many JPG, GIF, MP3 and MP4 artists you have supported through the year.


OpenStream NFT platform helps people easily trade NFTs. By offering deep analytics and forecasting insight, OpenStream NFT helps users have greater control of the NFT market, offering features on both Desktop and Mobile devices. We work with NFT communities to improve our codebase, delivering better analytics for buyers and sellers. OpenStream is a freemium platform where people can view all analytics for free and choose whether to purchase the OSPASS NFT to enable all pro features.


NFT Trading means sitting long hours in front of your computer. RoverX changes that. With its mobile app alerts, you can keep track of all your NFTs on the go. With its analytics tool, stacked with data filtering options, NFT traders can do deep research and make powerful trading strategies.


NFTfolio helps you track the fundamental data, price, and performance of your NFT investments.

Compass Art

Compass Art is an analytics tool. Users can use the resources available to make informed buying and selling decisions as well as identify popular collections and new mints. Developers can also get access to the NFT data & analytics they need to spot trending trades. Compass Art offers a ive listing feed so users can view underrated NFTs before they become popular.


Launched in September 2021, is an NFT data aggregator. Users can analyze the NFT market with its range of analytic tools and features, including NFT market trend and analytics, NFT search engine ranking, rarity, whale tracking and drops so users can buy and evaluate NFTs. Developers can use the API to incorporate data endpoints from in their programs.


CryptoSlam is the leading NFT aggregator, collecting and analyzing data for millions of NFTs across 15+ Blockchains. Users can discover and invest in a range of NFT collections using its analysis and tools. Developers can use the API to access real-time NFT analytics- prices, sales volumes and rarity.


Launched in August 2022, offers metrics for NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can view charts, data and explore collections, as well as gain access to insights and analyses. Developers can also use it to view data available on NFTs, although there is currently no API available. tracks whales for every collection, the rarity of traits and the floor price for each of them, along with the distribution of wallets. is a website dedicated to ranking generative art and collectible NFTs by rarity. Users can view, value and compare NFTs using the ranking of the rarity of individual collectible NFTs. Developers can also access the rarity ranking of NFTs. Currently included NFT projects on the site are CryptoPunks, Hashmasks, Waifusion, Chubbies and Bored Ape Yacht Club.