Brand Connector

Brand Connector is a simple website tool that lets any brand customize content, offers, or rewards to any NFTs in any user wallet. Brand Connector allows brands to connect NFTs to experiences or offerings via websites or loyalty programs and helps NFT collections to partner with brands via a simple website bridge. Brand Connector prompts users to verify their NFT ownership. It also allows websites to personalize content based on NFT ownership.

Brand Extender

As part of a brand partnership, brand activation, or brand extension, Brand Extender allows any NFT with open IP rights to be used to create a fully on-chain derivative NFT or set of NFTs. It connects original NFT rights. It establishes IP, secondary market, and royalties for new and future NFT holders. Brand Extender can mint 1/1 pieces or entire derivative collections to partner, collaborate, support, or create royalties.


Creators, HeyMint’s allowlist manager offers detailed allowlist requirements so you can really fine tune who joins your list, as well as security features to help keep you and your collectors safe. Try it out and see what you think, it only takes 5 minutes to create your allowlist! Collectors, our collector dashboard will let you stay up to date with all of the projects that join our community every single day. We’ll even show you allowlists that will be launching soon! On top of that, our collector’s dashboard makes it incredibly easy to keep track of your submissions.


Developed by the same team who created Context in 2022, Lanyard is a merkle-root generator. Using the Lanyard tool, NFT collections can easily create a list of authorizedwallets. This can be used to confirm a Whitelist of supporters ahead of the mintof a new NFT collection.Allowlists created using Lanyard are highly composable and can be easilyintegrated into a range of other tools and dApps throughout the Web3 space.


Founded by Brenden Mulligan, PREMINT is the leading access list service on Ethereum. Premint helps NFT projects create gated-access for NFT mints toprevent bots from minting the NFT supply. NFT creators use PREMINT to defineeligibility criteria for NFT mints, create raffles, and set up custom links forcollaboration with other communities. PREMINT is used by over 2,500 projects including popular projects likeVeeFriends, Moonbirds, Cool Cats, Rug Radio, etc. is an NFT tool made by Jack Quack that allows users to copy wallet addresses holding NFTs from the chosen collection, export them, or share them asa link. Using, NFT developers can take snapshots of all NFT holder wallets in any collection on Polygon and Ethereum. Even beginner NFT developers can gather wallet addresses holding their own or other popular NFTs without using code.Developers can then target these wallets for airdropping their NFTs or creating white lists.


Spearmint is an Ethereum-based non-fungible token (NFT) platform that enables developers to create and manage allowlists, reducing development time. NFT developers use allowlists to reward the most active community members while keeping bots and attackers at bay. They can also track the growth of their community through the Spearmint platform. Users on the allowlist get an opportunity to mint NFTs before the public sale and avoid gas wars.