Royal is a music marketplace where anyone can invest in music and earn royalties alongside musicians and artists. They believe that the future of the musicindustry will be one in which fans and artists co-own music and share in thefinancial benefits.Royal also believes in the freedom of artists. As fans fuel their careers, Royalallows artists to maintain their independence and creative control.

Sound SDK

Tools and tutorials on how to implement Javascript and Typescript to build assets for musicians on the Sound Protocol.Developers can leverage the Sound API to pull data like covers and musicmetadata into their preferred tech stacks.The SDK’s scaling, along with the protocol, is sponsored by WAGMI on GitHub.


Nina is a new platform for publishing, streaming, and purchasing music.Nina charges artists a small fee per upload that covers the permanent storage of their work. Their releases are made available to the public for streaming and purchase as tokenized assets with quantities and prices set by the artists. Nina Pays artists 100% of primary sales and a percentage of secondary-market sales of their choice.


Audius is a decentralized music streaming protocol based on Solana. Audiusaddresses the inefficiencies of the music industry, exacerbated by opaque music rights ownership and intermediaries standing between artists and their audiences.Audius’ platform, powered by its native AUDIO token, aims to align the interests of artists, fans, and node operators. Artists can upload music that is stored and distributed by content and discovery nodes that fans can listen to for free.