Gnosis Safe

Gnosis Safe is a multichain smart contract wallet. The wallet requires a minimum number of people to approve each transaction before it can be signed and go through. Users can choose this to be all owners or some subset of them. Safe supports ETH, ERC20 (Tokens), and ERC721 (NFTs). The wallet is also compatible with a variety of other software and hardware wallets.


The Goki Smart Wallet is a programmable multisig wallet. The wallets offer two types of subaccounts: derived accounts and owner-invoker accounts. Derived accounts require approval from the owner to sign off on transactions. Owner-invoker accounts allow members to sign off without such approval. Users can define wallet owners upfront as well as edit them in the future.


Snowflake is multisig platform wallet on Solana. Their wallet allows teams to schedule payroll, recurring payments and future payments, and see fiat values of your assets and portfolio balance in real-time. The platform can also require multiple team members to confirm every transaction in order to execute it, which helps prevent unauthorized access to company crypto.


Cashmere is a multi-signature wallet on Solana. The wallet’s main use to to allow organizations to manage their funds easily. The wallet supports both SOL and all SPL tokens and can integrate with all Solana wallets, hardware or software. Internally, Cashmere’s multi-sig uses a concept called Program Derived Addresses, which is a program that may be given the authority over an account and later transfer that authority to another.