Gnosis Protocol

Founded in 2017 by Martin Koppelman, Gnosis Protocol is presently in version 2 called Gnosis Protocol v2 (GPv2). It is a fully permissionless DEX trading protocol for Ethereum, which leverages batch auctions to provide MEV protection.The batch auction mechanism ensures tight slippage, without relying on relativeordering of the transactions. Gnosis Protocol v2 integrates with liquidity sources across various DEXs tooffer the best prices to traders.

Eden Network

Founded in 2020 by Caleb Sheridan, Eden Network is a protocol that minimizes the negative externalities of MEV, to unlock maximum value for Ethereum validators, MEV searchers, and end users. It comprises three distinct yet interrelated products – Eden RPC, Eden Relay, and Eden Bundles. These are meant for Ethereum users, Ethereum validators and block builders, and Ethereum MEV searchers respectively.


Zeromev is an organization that works towards protecting Ethereum users from censorship and frontrunning. It empowers and protects Ethereum users by helping them avoid harmful MEV. Zeromev’s flagship product ‘Zeromev Frontrunning Explorer’ provides Ethereum researchers and users with detailed info on MEV and transaction reordering on the Ethereum blockchain. Zeromev also has a product for Ethereum validators called Zeromev-Geth that provides safeguards from harmful centralization.

Manifold Finance

Founded in 2020 by Sam Bacha, Manifold Finance functions as an intermediary between Ethereum users and validators. It consolidates all Ethereum transactions in the best possible way to create a block that delivers the highest return on investment (ROI) for all stakeholders. In other words, it aids the creation of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) by functioning as an efficient block builder for users and validators on the Ethereum blockchain.


Founded in 2020 by Joey Zacherl, Rook is an open, transparent and distributed MEV marketplace for Ethereum. The Rook protocol helps in capturing atransaction’s MEV at the application layer, followed by its redistribution toprotocols and users who generate it. It’s an application layer mempool that canbe utilized without making any changes to the underlying blockchain protocol.There are three ways of using Rook – through its trading app, transaction relay,or smart contract integration.


Founded by Monica Sarbu in 2021, XATA is a Fair Liquidity Provisioning protocol for multiple blockchains including Polygon and BNB Chain. It’s an independent and powerful solution that minimizes MEV without any miner bribe or modification.  The protocol is designed so that it’s impossible to inject fresh transactions into its output or delete any of the ordered transactions. As a result, trading pairs guarded by XATA aren’t vulnerable to front-running transactions.


Founded in 2020 by Stephane Gosselin, Flashbots is a research and development organization that works on mitigating the negative externalities of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) techniques on blockchains. It distinguishes itself by using a three-pronged approach, involving transparency of MEV activity and democratization and sustainable distribution of MEV revenue. Flashbots is primarily used by Ethereum searchers and validators to benefit from efficient and transparent MEV extraction.