Founded in 2021, EigenPhi claims to be a blockchain-native DeFi analytical platform that enables users to profit from invaluable insights gained fromever-increasing data. The platform’s aim is to help people discover the wisdomof DeFi. It positions itself as a DeFi deep data platform that covers MEV,Sandwich Front Runs, Lending, Liquidation and Flash Loans. With EigenPhi, one can analyse in-depth data on two major blockchains – Ethereumand BNB Chain.

Flashbots MEV Dashboard

Launched following the Ethereum Merge in September 2022 by an anonymous developer(s), the Flashbots Transparency MEV Dashboard aims to publicize metrics on both Flashbots products and the wider MEV ecosystem. With the Flashbots Dashboard, MEV enthusiasts and analysts can actively track the number of rewards and proposals delegated to Flashbots MEV-Boost Relays and compare them directly with competitors.

Dune MEV Dashboard

Developed by ChainInsight Analytics, the Dune MEV Dashboard is a comprehensive tool for monitoring and analyzing MEV-boosts that follow known patterns, for example, when a designated block’s final transaction transfers ETH from the fee receiver to a validator address. Using the Dune MEV Dashboard, blockchain analysts and validators operators can measure the effectiveness and inclusion of different validators on the Ethereum blockchain.

MEV Boost Dashboard

Deployed by Anish Agnihotri in 2022, the MEVBoost Dashboard is a simple tool that tracks MEV-Boost relays and blockbuilders. With the MEVBoast Dashboard, users can monitor network participation rates and Flashbot dominance, while also top builders and relays. The MEVBoost Dashboard also provides an API that aggregates data across tracked relays. This means that developers can integrate the dashboard’s data into their own applications.


Hosted by Dune, Chainsight Analytics has created a wide variety of information dashboards covering several topics within decentralized finance. Using thesedashboards, analysts can gain fresh insight into often overlooked areas of themarket and accurately monitor key metrics.Some of the dashboards provided by Chainsight Analytics cover the followingsubjects: MEV-Boost performance, arbitrage bot trackers, DEX liquidity vs volumetrackers, and aggregator analysis.