Colyseus Arena

Colyseus Arena is a turn-key fully managed server solution that enables you to focus on your multiplayer / metaverse development. Colyseus Arena provides a fast, robust, and trusted solution for creating these experiences. With over 450,000 developers and 1000s of games, across all platforms, using it today, Arena is a great choice for metaverse developers, providing them a turn-key hosting solution that ensures their worlds can scale from 100s to 100,000s of concurrent users.

OMI Group

OMIGroup is an open-source community of industry professionals, independent creators, and passionate metaverse enthusiasts building interoperable technologytogether, in the open.Users can donate to the efforts of building an open metaverse.Developers can join their GitHub contributions list and add code, stories, andworlds to the project.

Ethereal Engine (XREngine)

Ethereal Engine offers an end-to-end framework for the web, built on popular Javascript frameworks. Users can use it for social features and for creating avatars. Developers can create scalable multiplayer infrastructure with voice, video, expressive avatars, a visual editor and portals between worlds. Users and developers can build their own games and social experiences and link them together.


Webaverse is an open source web3 Metaverse game engine that anyone can host. Users can build their own virtual environments in Webaverse easily as it runs in the browser and utilizes open tools. Developers can use endpoints in the API.


Light is a decentralized protocol for building trustless reputation on Ethereum. Light allows users to earn and build an on-chain reputation with $LXP, serves as one place to showcase web3 credentials that lives forever on-chain as well as passively claim rewards and earn $LIGHT tokens for securing the network.


reNFT is a multi-chain NFT rental protocol and platform. Users can integrate it into a project to enable collateral-free in-house renting, lending, and reward share (scholarship automation). Developers can use reNFT to integrate into their web3 projects and make work easier by rapidly enabling rental functionality.


Genies is an avatar ecosystem consisting of avatars, fashion and collectibles,spaces and venues, and social experiences. Genies provides tools (Genies Avatar Creator OS) that allows users to create their own avatars, avatar wearablefashion lines, avatar worlds, and avatar interactive experiences in web3.