Users and dapps typically struggle to communicate with each other because you there is no way to communicate with a wallet address. hashmail solves this problem by bringing the power of email to Web3. You can connect your wallet to your Web3 inbox at hashmail and exchange emails with any wallet address or DIDs. For dapps, you use our email APIs to send users important comms e.g. txn updates, reminders, statements, newsletters, to their wallet address. Improve UX, engagement and retention with hashmail.


WalletChat provides a wallet-to-wallet chat application and widget which allows users to communicate with effective E2E encryption all without users leaving the customer site.


Earnifi is THE Web3 notification platform. From airdrops to token gates, Earnifi has notified folks of over $150 million USD since launching in February 2021. There are no native notification tools on Ethereum. People miss millions of dollars every day because they don’t know what they have. From airdrops to token gates, Earnifi has you covered.

DEVp2p Wire Protocol

DEVp2p Wire Protocol defines the protocols for communication in the way TCP does across networks.Developers can raise issues to discuss improvements, contribute, or provide feedback to the DEVp2p Wire Protocol and the other network protocolspecifications contained in the same project.Although hosted by Ethereum, these specifications apply across chains.


The Push Protocol (formerly EPSN), founded by Harsh Rajat and Richa Joshi, is a project that enables communication between web3 wallets, dApp services, andgeneral users.Developers can leverage the Push SDK to integrate communication capabilities ornotification alerts for non-custodial wallets and communicate across multiplenetworks.


Made by XMTP Labs, the project aims at removing central ownership of profiles and content when users communicate on the internet.Users can use their wallet addresses on different apps to communicate with their peers.Developers can create chat platforms with the Javascript SDK and host them onEVM networks.


Axelar provides secure cross-chain communication for the decentralized internet. The infrastructure enables dApp users to interact with any asset or application, on any chain, with one click. Developers can run nodes on the Axelar network, use their gateway contracts to communicate with other smart contracts on any chain, or even set up validators for the network.