At present, Web3 identities cannot communicate privately. The lack of native communication-infrastructure critically limits usability. Mailchain solves the problem through its open-source communication protocol and unified inbox application. Using Mailchain, anyone can privately email another Web3 identity or blockchain address. It’s as simple as using webmail. Users can manage communications for all their identities, across all protocols in one unified place.


Building and maintaining indexing infrastructure is inefficient, expensive, and less performant. Operator makes it easy for developers to build blockchain products that leverage data from blockchains and decentralized storage services like IPFS and Arweave, all through a simple SQL-based API.


Chainverse Portal is an analytics platform that transforms messy Web3 data into leads, targeted growth recommendations, data-driven features, and personalized marketing campaigns, empowering Web3 protocols to grow faster at less cost. With the Chainverse Portal, Web3 protocols can launch new features and marketing initiatives with trusted data, instead of intuition and Twitter noise.


In an increasingly globalised and dynamic market, it is important for customers to know the quality of the products they buy. Transparent sellers are committed to letting customers know that their products are manufactured following strict guidelines, regarding both the quality of the components used and the quality of life of the workforce. The best way for companies to ensure their supply chains are clean and compliant is to use a publicly verifiable system that certifies that their data is reliable. With Traxed, companies can easily certify what they and their suppliers claim at a low cost.


WalletChat provides a wallet-to-wallet chat application and widget which allows users to communicate with effective E2E encryption all without users leaving the customer site.


Users and dapps typically struggle to communicate with each other because you there is no way to communicate with a wallet address. hashmail solves this problem by bringing the power of email to Web3. You can connect your wallet to your Web3 inbox at hashmail and exchange emails with any wallet address or DIDs. For dapps, you use our email APIs to send users important comms e.g. txn updates, reminders, statements, newsletters, to their wallet address. Improve UX, engagement and retention with hashmail.


Earnifi is THE Web3 notification platform. From airdrops to token gates, Earnifi has notified folks of over $150 million USD since launching in February 2021. There are no native notification tools on Ethereum. People miss millions of dollars every day because they don’t know what they have. From airdrops to token gates, Earnifi has you covered.


VTVL streamlines and automates the token vesting process so users can focus on building their products. VTVL provides a transparent and easy-to-use interface for stakeholder recipients while giving founders a bird’s eye view of their token distribution process. The platform offers advanced features such as organizational accounts, multi-sig support, and multi-token tracking while prioritizing smart contract security with 24/7 support to users.


Sepana builds search and discovery tools for blockchains and web3. Instantly integrate powerful dapp search in a few clicks with our hosted Search Cloud. Coming soon: enjoy web3-first features such as personalization based on wallet addresses, privacy-first recommendations, multi-chain data access, and much more. Our p2p protocol will also support a fully decentralized infrastructure where devs can search across any engine and share data and results throughout the network.


Developers use Apibara to stream on-chain data and build their application’s backend. Apibara supports any type of data like events, transactions, and storage changes.