Embark is a development environment that was not built with a one-size-fits-all approach. Each developer using it can customize it to their taste.It allows the user to customize whether they want to mainly use it for buildingsmart contracts or full-blown DApps. In addition, it can be integrated with a  lot of tools.Embark has a robust command-line interface for you to interact with your smart contract or DApp.


Built by Andreas Mülder and others in 2018, Yakindu is an IDE for solidity that also has client implementation for other IDEs, such as Atom and the popular VSCode, facilitated by Microsoft’s Language Server Protocol.It uses its statechart tool integrations to access core language features suchas global variables alongside statechart modeling.Bugs are easier to spot and fix on Yakindu because it provides quick suggestionsand fixes on the go.


Acquired by Microsoft, VS Code is a sophisticated yet simple developmentenvironment where every developer can build with several languages.VS Code supports Rust, Vyper, Javascript, Solidity, and many other languages.All developers need to do is download the appropriate extensions for their language.Most importantly, VS Code has a friendly and broad development interface anduser experience.

IntelliJ IDEA

The IntelliJ IDEA is more of a Web2 development environment. Nonetheless,Ethereum developers can download the plugins of their respective languages.It is noteworthy that the IntelliJ IDEA is not totally free, it has a paid Ultimate tier.In addition, the IntelliJ IDEA was created for developers to take control of their preferred interface; customizing the highlight colors and layouts.

IntelliJ Solidity Plugin

IntelliJ is the choice of most Solidity developers as one of the leading plugins due to its several benefits.Once integrated, IntelliJ Plugin can format codes and highlight syntaxesefficiently.However, the IntelliJ Plugin can be quite limited since it only works forSolidity alone.