Arculus is an easy-to-use web3 hardware wallet that stores your private keys on a secure metal card and signs transactions over NFC. A sleek, simple, secure crypto wallet with unique 3-factor authentication, the Arculus cold storage crypto and NFT wallet keeps your private keys accessible to you – and only you. The Arculus Key Card, along with the Arculus Wallet App, provides a secure, intuitive, and convenient solution for storing and managing your digital assets.


Trezor is a mobile hardware wallet, offering two versions, the Model T (advanced version) and Model One. Their hardware wallets use open-source designs so thesecurity level can be publicly audited and improved. The hardware wallets use auser-defined PIN up to 50 digits long. The wallet can be connected to theinternet through the Trezor Suite app or popular third-party wallets likeMetaMask.


SafePal offers an App, extension and hardware wallet. Their hardware wallet usesa EAL 5+ independent secure element, true random number generator, multiple layers of security sensor and a self-destruct mechanism for security. The walletis also backed by well known crypto exchange – Binance. The app allows users topair several wallets across chains for a central point of management.


D’CENT is a hardware and software wallet provider. They offer two types of wallets that interact with their mobile app. The biometric wallet uses fingerprint authentication to keep private keys safe and has a display that displays transaction and account details. The D’CENT card type wallet functions differently, and instead uses NFC technology to connect to the app, however these cards can only each work on a singular chain.


Ellipial cold wallets are 100% air-gapped hardware wallets.The hardware wallet works in tandem with a smartphone app for ease in everyday use. The hardware wallet contains the private keys of the account and interacts with the internet when the app scans the QR code. The wallet differs from other hardware wallets because it can complete transactions without needing any direct connection to online devices.