DeFi Tools

A suite of tools for optimized DeFi strategy formulation on CoinGecko andPancakeSwap that was built and supported by Juan Pablo Pisano.Users can gain trading insights before making investment moves. An example is the Top 20 DApps TVL by chain report, which helps follow the hottest tokensbased on their recent market performance.

L2 Optimizoooors

A ScopeLift project, L2 Optimizoooors is an open-source GitHub repo with optimized calldata routers for the three networks supported.Developers building apps to access the supported networks can save userssignificant gas fees by adopting the routers enclosed.Savings in numbers: 27% on Aave, 46% on Connext, and 34% on Superfluid. is a gas cost tracking service that connects to a wallet and reveals the number of transactions, and how much they cost in Eth and USD.Users of can track their gas expenses, failed transactions, and collectan airdrop NFT for upcoming projects, or stack some WTF tokens to earn rewards.

Ethereum Gas Reporter

Ethereum Gas Reporter is a Mocha reporter created by Christopher Gewecke to complement smart contract CI/CD by reporting metrics on method calls anddeployments, along with the detailed gas costs each time a unit test isexecuted.Developers can add Eth Gas Reporter with Truffle and integrate gas usagevisibility to CodeChecks CI/CD pipelines.

OpenZeppelin Gas Station Network

The OpenZeppelin Gas Station Network is a set of transaction relayers that divert DApp clients from gas charges when interacting with Ethereum smart contracts.Developers can adopt the relayers to allow DApp users to pay gas in fiat, or anyother token of their choice, all without revealing their identities.