Etheno is a JSON RPC Multiplexer, differential fuzzer, unit testing framework,and integration tool.Known for its setup simplicity, Etheno eliminates the complexity of setting up analysis tools like Echidna on large, multichain projects.Whether you are developing a smart contract or an Ethereum client, Etheno can bethe ideal choice to analyze and improve your implementation security.

Solidity Fuzzing Boilerplate

The Solidity Fuzzing Boilerplate is a contract-testing template repository containing templates to fuzz your smart contracts with multiple fuzzing toolslike Echidna and Foundry.SFB can help you write tests once and run them with both Echidna and Foundry.Additionally, by Deploying contracts to Ganache, you can fuzz components thatuse incompatible Solidity versions.Thus, the Solidity Fuzzing Boilerplate is intended to ease the fuzzing ofSolidity projects and libraries.


The hevm project is an EVM debugger and symbolic execution engine developed by DappHub. Built specifically for symbolic execution, unit testing, and debugging of smart contracts,the hevm command line program houses the capability tosymbolically execute and debug smart contracts interactively while performingunit tests and other vulnerability assessments.As an implementation of the EVM, hevm serves as the execution engine for toolsuites like dapp and smart contract fuzzers like Echidna.


A Cryptic project, supported by the security company, Trail of Bits, Tayt is atesting library optimized to analyze Cairo smart contracts.Developers can target specific files or run Tayt on entire projects to introduce external functions that ‘fuzz’ smart contracts and checks for flags.Tayt supports invariant function calls, coverage, and fuzzing of smart contractsthat deploy other smart contracts.


Echidna is a next-generation Ethereum smart contract fuzzer built the by security solutions company – Trail of Bits. As an evaluation tool, Echidna is known for its unique ‘property-based fuzzing’ which tries to falsify user-defined invariants (properties) instead of looking for crashes like a traditional fuzzer. Echidna comes with a multitude of tools to write custom analyses for complex contracts. Targeted toward EVM bytecode, Echidna uses cryptic compile to test contracts.