ApeWorx EVM

Built by ApeWorX Ltd. and forked from a collection of Rust implementations, theApeWorx EVM exposes the Ethereum Virtual Machine to tests and operations as an isolated instance.Developers can carry out detailed tests and experiments with smart contractswith faster result times than on official tests and mainnet runs.


Runtime Verification Inc’s K framework-based model and walkthrough to help write custom tests from a language and environment you deploy and maintain.Developers can create tests with more control of the underlying framework’ssemantics. Working knowledge of the K framework or its implementations is aprerequisite.

Huff Virtual Machine

Written with Huff and dependent on Foundry’s Forge, the Huff Virtual Machine is essentially a Hypervisor that can function as a library.Developers can call the HyVM library with delegateCall to call and process smart contract bytecode. This also allows developers to run custom tests on a testinstance.


Made for Go Ethereum, and deployable on any OS as an isolated client, evm2 runswithin Geth to allow tests and debugging to happen without external constraints affecting expected outcomes.Developers can use tracing analysis methods to go beyond transaction-levelunderstanding to smart contract execution, into the detailed events around callsand transitions by the smart contracts themselves.

Ethereum ETL

Ethereum ETL is a handy library of Python scripts that prepare block data for ETL (extract, transform and load) jobs.Developers can run scripts on Ethereum blocks, contracts, transactions,receipts, ERC20 / ERC721 assets, transfers, logs, and internal transactions. Google BigQuery and Amazon Athena use Ethereum ETL


Solvm is a stripped-down implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)built on top of the EVM using Solidity and Yul (an intermediate language to compile smart contracts written in solidity).Built for fun, as a memory management challenge,  Solvm uses a dynamic in-memory array for the EVM’s simulated stack variables and stores the simulated EVM memory at a moveable offset.