Etherface keeps a record of signatures of Ethereum transactions by smart contracts by their hashes. Users can use text to search for specific smart contracts, obtain hashes, and learn about transaction history and signatures.Developers can find smart contracts by searching their transaction hashes,leading to their project repositories.+7,5M Signatures currently scraped off Etherscan, GitHub, and custom SolidityDApps.

Ethereum Signature Database

The Ethereum Signature Database allows users to type in a query using eventhashes, function selectors, or the name they want to look up. Users can search for multiple selectors or names in a single query. Each Individual query is space-delimited.


The 4 byte database contains function signatures and mappings for eventsignatures, all offered free of license for search or scrapping.Developers can map bytes signatures results from searches back to theirhuman-readable sources and versionsThere are currently +961,841 (and counting) signatures in the database.


A part of the Dapp tools suite distribution, ethsign makes use of secure/offline key storage to sign Ethereum transactions.Developers can offer secure smart contract signing to their DApps, althoughthey’d have to install the entire suite and only call those which they require. The platform is built with Nix, and contributions from the community areencouraged.