EVM Gas Puzzles

Gas puzzles make it easy for Ethereum engineers to practice optimizing smart contracts. Each puzzle has a gas target that we know is achievable, but the current implementation is not efficient enough to hit the target. Your goal is to optimize the contract so the target it hit.

RareSkills Bootcamp

Senior talent in blockchain engineering is hard to come by, and the path to get there is even less clear. So we created the longest and most rigorous web3 engineering training program. Class sizes are limited to five and each engineer gets weekly one-on-one time with an expert instructor. Companies can also hire us to train their engineers in blockchain. Contact us on our website.


Pointer strives to increase the number of developers building DApps and smart contracts by providing incentivized education campaigns.Developers can learn how to build NFT projects with popular SDK providers, or gain Solana development skills by following through with an instructional training session.Developers get NFTs as perks for completing projects.

StakeDAO academy

StakeDAO Academy, the learning arm of the popular decentralized finance platform, StakeDAO, offers basic to intermediate instruction on all things crypto and DeFi. From various authors in the StakeDAO community, StakeDAO Academy offers courses in several different languages. Courses include everything from the basic definitions of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Proof of Work to discussions of synthetic assets and how options work in DeFi. Users can filter courses to fit their needs and interests.


The Lirn platform offers various quizzes and tutorials to teach and verify NFT and web3 knowledge. Tutorials include how to launch tokens, blockchain fundamentals, and wallet setup. Their Proof of Knowledge protocol also verifies knowledge and skills via Non-Transferable Tokens.

Capture the Ether

CaptureTheEther is an educational game that teaches players to hack Ethereum contracts. The game consists of a series of challenges in various categories, and players earn points for each completed challenge. The platform offers a warmup category that introduces players to basic tools, but total beginners can also head over to Program the Blockchain first and do some background reading.


Metaschool is an educational platform where developers can come together to learn and build on Web3. The platform also allows users to earn NFTs for work and connect with talented peers Currently, their educational program is largely focused on RC721/A, ERC1155, Solidity, and Smart Contracts for EVM blockchains. However, their offerings are constantly expanding.


The Chainshot bootcamp is the ultimate stop for developers looking to gain technical Web3 know-how. Their course places weight on projects, and participants build a full Proof-of-Work blockchain, many smart contracts, and several decentralized applications. They also offer their own personal IDE and collaborative classroom tool that enhances the learning experience.

Developer DAO Academy

D_D academy is a platform that provides a variety of web3 education through projects. Some projects include writing a basic smart contract, minting NFTs, and writing tests for your NFTs. They also teach key fundamentals like Getting Started with the command line interface, Code Editors (IDEs), Decentralized Storage, NFT Hosting on OpenSea and Rarible.


101 helps developers and educators create their own web3-powered learning hubs, with NFT badges, crypto rewards, token-gating, and more. The program is currently in beta, but approved users can drag and drop in the course builder, adding content and quiz questions with ease. The content can then be published to a variety of supported blockchain networks. The platform also provides access to many existing Web3 tutorials, ranging in length and difficulty.