pyevmasm is an open-source assembler and disassembler library for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It includes a command-line utility and a Python API.Developers can use this open-source project to assemble and disassemble codeintended for an EVM. The GitHub page includes detailed instructions on how to use the protocol, aswell as additional documentation for clarified use. The open-source project is updated and maintained by a group of 14 dedicatedcontributors.


evmdasm is a lightweight ethereum evm bytecode instruction registry,disassembler, and evmcode manipulation library. Developers can utilize this for finding a static interface and registry for EVMopcodes and instructions. The GitHub page provides further instructions for use of this library and has dedicated contributors that manage the library.

Capstone Disassembler

Capstone is an open source project that hopes to make the ultimate disassembly engine for binary analysis and reversing in the security community. Developers can use the Capstone disassembler to reverse engineer raw byte codeinto human-readable format, making it easier to understand the underlyingissues. Capstone has a dedicated team of developers working to constantly update theirdisassembler and make it easier and more intuitive for users.


Ethersplay is an open-source protocol for disassembling EVM bytecode. Developers can use Ethersplay to reverse engineer existing code to understand the underlying contracts involved. Ethersplay turns EVM byte code from its raw binary format to a human readableversion in python. The open source protocol is free to use and constantly updated by of group of15+ engineers.

Binary Ninja eBPF

The Binary Ninja eBPF implements a Capstone-powered disassembler and lifter for the Solana bytecode format. Developers can use this open source protocol to disassemble raw byte code into human readable code in solidity-like format. The GitHub page has easy to follow instructions for implementing the protocol.