Ape helps you compile, deploy, test, script, and analyze data with any smart contract project. It is designed to be very multi-chain friendly, and let’s developers customize their stack using Ape’s plugin ecosystem and protocol SDKs for easier integrations. Ape is the premier tool for Developers, Data Scientists, and Security Professionals building complex applications using Python.


Curvegrid offers Web3 startups MultiBaas, a blockchain middleware. This is a software development tool that lets programmers use enhanced ABI generated bythe platform to create high-performance dApps.Developers can reference the MultiBaas API to give new functionality to alreadydeployed smart contracts and even write new ones.


Pagoda is a NEAR-sponsored project built to onboard developers and Web3 startups onto the NEAR ecosystem.Developers can spin up NFT projects to test the effectiveness of smart contractsbuilt on the NEAR chain for lower gas prices.Startups can track metrics in the platform’s dashboard to keep stakeholders inthe know of all progress.


Tatum is a platform that offers Web3 developers an SDK packed with tools to deploy fully functioning dApps with ease.Developers have attested to transiting from design briefs to working dAps’s inless than a week.Supports +40 protocols, contains +1200 modular functions and provides unlimitedscalability for all dApp’s.

W3box Test

Supported by Alchemy, AWS, and MoonPay, W3box test is a crypto-startup onramp platform that provides infrastructure for developers to turn ideas into demos quickly.Developers can use W3box Test’s wizard to select preferences when building NFTcollections, smart contracts, custom Web3 apps, and more.Provides +22 modules ready to assemble with the wizard and +4.3M users.