RareSkills Bootcamp

Senior talent in blockchain engineering is hard to come by, and the path to get there is even less clear. So we created the longest and most rigorous web3 engineering training program. Class sizes are limited to five and each engineer gets weekly one-on-one time with an expert instructor. Companies can also hire us to train their engineers in blockchain. Contact us on our website.


College is facing a bubble. Rising prices and decreasing ROI has led to a rise in alternative and skill based learning programs. Teachers and students in this dispersed world struggle to distribute content, grow a coherent learning record, and apply for jobs with degree alternatives. We provide a solutions to these problems and more.

EVM Gas Puzzles

Gas puzzles make it easy for Ethereum engineers to practice optimizing smart contracts. Each puzzle has a gas target that we know is achievable, but the current implementation is not efficient enough to hit the target. Your goal is to optimize the contract so the target it hit.

StarkNet React

StarkNet React is a collection of React hooks for StarkNet. It is inspired by wagmi powered by starknet.js.


Track, visualize and explore all of web3 in one informative, concise, transparent, customizable user interface! Blockhead is a meta-interface for EVM blockchains, DeFi apps, and web3 protocols, consisting of a crypto/DeFi/NFT portfolio tracker, a cross-EVM block explorer, and data explorers for DeFi apps and web3 protocols. Built as a data-agnostic progressive web app, Blockhead is integrated with a wide variety of indexing solutions and infrastructure providers across the decentralized web.